Medical chain of blockchain medical platform announces cooperation with Groves Medical Group Patients can use cryptocurrency to pay

Fri Mar 09 10:26:25 CST 2018

Recently, British media reported that Medicalchain, a medical chain platform designed to record patient medical records through blockchain technology, announced that it will cooperate with the London-based Groves Medical Group to provide patients with telemedicine services and can use cryptocurrency to pay Medical expenses.

This partnership made the Groves Group the first UK medical clinic to use blockchain technology and accept cryptocurrency payments. .

Founded by 4 GPs, Groves serves more than 1,000 private home patients and 30,000 registered patients. It will begin experimenting with the Hyperlinker Blockchain technology from Medicalchain in July 2018.

Storing and recording patient health records on the blockchain will allow organizations such as medical institutions, researchers and health insurance companies to request permission to access patient files in order to record and perform related services on digital books. In addition, Medicalchain collaborates with Civic to use its security identity platform to validate doctors and their business licenses.

Dr. Vince Grippaudo, a senior partner at Groves, said that this partnership is a “unique opportunity” to introduce the blockchain into the healthcare industry and will benefit patients:

“We believe that by empowering people to choose how to access medical services, we can reduce the burden on public health services. Our goal is to improve medical services worldwide, and through this technology we believe we can be part of it. ”

After the WannaCry cyber attack in May 2017, the British National Health Service, City University of London and the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have started working together to protect the medical system from cybercrime through the blockchain architecture. Infringement.