Beijing will use blockchain and other technologies to create a new type of credit supervision

Sun Mar 11 16:45:04 CST 2018

Beijing will select a pilot project for innovation and application of credit big data, and use advanced technologies and resources such as big data and blockchains to build a new type of market supervision mechanism and innovative social governance based on credit, including the establishment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei credit consolidation and sharing of new data The model and the development of citizen, corporate and other subject credit evaluation index systems, etc., thus forming a pattern of trustworthy joint incentives and untrustworthy joint disciplinary action.

On the 11th, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology that before the end of this month, Beijing will focus on the transformation of credit big data resources, integration and sharing of innovation results, deep application of credit big data in key areas, and innovation and agglomeration of credit big data. Select a batch of credit big data development pilot demonstration projects.

Among them, in the integration and sharing of credit big data resources and transformation of innovation achievements, Beijing will support the construction of an innovative credit big data industry service platform based on technologies such as big data and blockchain, and improve related management systems and standards; and promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei The credit systems of the three places are connected and a new model for the integration and sharing of credit big data is built.

With regard to the deep application of credit big data in key areas, Beijing encourages the establishment of a new type of industry-based supervision mechanism that focuses on the protection of environmental protection, Internet finance, and other key industries and areas, and supports the use of big data resources and technologies by third-party social organizations to develop citizens. Enterprises, trade associations, chambers of commerce, social organizations, etc., the main body of the evaluation index system of integrity, improve the awareness of social integrity of self-discipline. In addition, we encourage the use of big data to establish innovative credit systems for small and medium-sized enterprises, credit asset pricing methods and trading channels, and develop credit big data financial products to solve the financing difficulties and financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In the development of innovation and agglomeration of credit big data, Beijing will encourage enterprises and qualified regional cooperation to give priority to the use of retreating industrial space resources, build an innovative credit data application base or industrial park, and carry out credit big data and blockchain innovation application projects. Incubation, promote the integration of production, education, and research to jointly tackle problems and transform achievements, and promote the construction of an ecological chain of investment in credit big data, where the government guides funds, industrial capital, and financial institutions participate together.

The Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission stated that it will pilot the first, summarize and replicate the experiences and practices that can be replicated, promote the formation of a new model for the integration of credit big data resources, cultivate a batch of credit big data service agencies, and establish a set of relevant management systems and standards. The regulations play a supporting role in the construction of the Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center, the coordinated development of Jing-Jin-Ji, the optimization of business environment, and the service of people's livelihood. (Finish)