Another Internet giant layout blockchain hardware

Tue Mar 20 16:28:17 CST 2018

The blockchain+hardware boom has never subsided, and Cheetah Mobile has applied blockchain technology to the AI business.

A few days ago, Cheetah launched the blockchain and artificial intelligence project "smart chain", and will officially launch "Leopard AI Speaker" on March 21. This is an AI speaker that incorporates blockchain technology. The smart chain is based on a blockchain network of the smart hardware.

According to official website information, “Smart Chain Plan” is a reward activity for the owner of Leopard Speaker. Users only need to purchase the Leopard speaker and download the APP to complete the binding and join the Smart Chain program. However, whether to join the program does not affect the normal use of Leopard AI speakers. At present, the number of appointments for the Smart Chain Rewards Program is 9,370.

What are the benefits of joining a smart chain plan? That is, you can get AI points, which can be seen as the digital assets of the intelligent chain platform. With AI points, users can access a wide range of services including copyrighted content, digital entertainment, smart devices, cloud storage, and network acceleration. In the acquisition of AI points, as long as the user maintains the Leopard speaker online, effective interpersonal interaction, complete the "data tagging" task and share AI resources, etc., AI points will be produced according to certain rules. The difficulty of the task is different, and the efficiency of the output AI points also varies.

Therefore, from a formal point of view, the Leopard speakers and the hardware products of Thunder, Kuangyun Cloud and Storm Cloud can be said to have high similarity. They are all machines that can earn digital assets.

As we all know, playing Kuyun as an earlier "crab" manufacturers, their product model was controversial at the very beginning, was dubbed the "to remake Bitcoin" "hype" name. After the launch of the broadcast cloud, it also caused questions from outsiders, making the head of the business and CEO of Storm New Image Cui Tianlong clarify several times that he was “completely different” from playing cloud. Perhaps in order to avoid taking the old road between the two, the current official in the introduction page of the Leopard Speaker and smart chain plan, did not mention the total number of AI points and distribution plan, can not find any transfer related to AI points Or transaction description.

According to Cheetah Mobile's statement, "Cheetah's mobile blockchain technology does not involve ICO, nor does it have any fundraising." It also does not leave any quick opportunities for the outside world.

In addition to Leopard speakers, Cheetah has deployed SafeWallet Mobile Wallet and Dapp Browser in the blockchain field. For blockchain technology, Fu Sheng has stated that "from the best security to enter, does not involve transactions, to help users protect digital assets." This shows that the AI points on the intelligent chain platform will not have a trading function to a large extent. Can only be used on the platform to "change things".