Announcement on the Fine Tuning of GPD 56 trading rules

Tue Mar 12 18:05:05 CST 2019

Dear NC member:

In order to make the GPD transaction in the 56 trading zone more stable, the Operation and Business Center decided: starting from March 8, 2019, the GPD trading rules for the 56 trading zone will be revised as follows:

1. The purchase ratio of 1:1 is needed for the previous uncleared transaction order for it to get back and or appear on its same queue spot.

For example, the previous uncleared (means nobody buys) transaction was 1200 GPD. If you opt to make another sale, you need to purchase 1200 GPD and your previous uncleared transaction will appear on its same spot or queue where it was previously. The order will appear on the trading market without waiting in line or queue.

2. For members with a current quota of less than 10,000, the maximum amount of a single saleable amount is 1,200 RMB or Chinese Yuan; for a member with a current quota of 10,000 to 30,000, the maximum amount of a single saleable amount is 2,400 RMB; if the current quota is more than 30,000 RMB, the maximum amount that can be sold in a single order is 3,600 RMB.

3, I hope all members will share and inform each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.

NC Global Operations Center

March 12, 2019