Announcement on the Optimal Adjustment of CT Trading System

Tue Apr 30 21:22:06 CST 2019

Distinguished NC Members:

In order to better promote CT transactions, the Global Operating Center decided that since May 1, 2019, for CT transactions, the system was optimized and adjusted as follows:

1. When T+10 is cancelled, 2% NC margin is required.

2. If members fail to make payment within six hours, the system will freeze their accounts permanently and then transfer the payment directly to the company within two hours.

3.During the period from May 1 to May 10, the new members made their first list, and the system immediately presented 5000GPD to CT assets free of charge, the top 1000.

4. NC Hong Kong UnionPay Fee has been adjusted from 5% to 3%.

5. The system is fully online NC seconds to USDT and USDT seconds to NC functions.

6.payment method fully supports bank card, WeChat, Alipay and NC payment.

7.Before July and May 25, the Chinese and English versions of App for CT trading were fully launched.

8. Before June 15, the Chinese and English APPs of GPM and GFS will also be fully launched.

9. GPM mall system has been officially opened to members worldwide, one-click application function for opening stores.

10. All members are expected to inform each other. Thank you for your support and cooperation.