Announcement on UMI Insurance Supermarket Mainland China Regional Agency Application Zh

Wed Dec 25 23:42:41 CST 2019

Dear UMI Member,

In order to accelerate the business of insurance finance in the Chinese mainland market, the Global Operations Center has determined that starting from January 2020, UMI Insurance Supermarket will launch a municipal insurance regional agency program for the Chinese mainland market nationwide:

1. There are 681 city-level cities in the country, and each city recruits only one regional agent.

2. A copy of AXA Ansheng Insurance with a monthly payment of 300,000 RMB in the municipality.

3. A copy of AXA Insurance of the prefecture-level city paying 200,000 yuan for 18 months.

4. A copy of AXA Insurance of 150,000 RMB for 18 months in county-level cities.

2. Experience in team operation is preferred, and an office environment of 200 square meters or more is required.

3. Have more than 3 years of insurance sales experience and V4 level or above, and can regularly participate in company training.

4. For those who can independently organize local investment promotion activities, there must be at least one promotion activity per month.

6. The company will give away one free municipal agency qualification. The license contract period is three years, and the cumulative three-year evaluation performance FYP is 20 million.

7. Give away 50,000 original stocks for free.

8. Free 36,000 CT qualifications and 50,000 GPD.

9. A free anion air lamp worth 3900 yuan.

10. Enjoy FYP 2% performance-weighted dividends in the region.

11. Enjoy FYP2% average dividends across China.

12, enjoy the company's regional distribution authorization card, enjoy regional protection policies.

13. Only consulting companies can register and sign contracts. Each company requires more than 5 shareholders.

14. You can directly sell any insurance products in the UMI insurance supermarket and enjoy FYP 70% commission.

15. After applying for a domestic agency license, you can directly upgrade to a municipal branch.

16. After applying for a domestic agency license, you can install a domestic insurance agency billing system and quotation system for free.

17. I hope all members will tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.


UMI Global Operations Center

December 25, 2019