Announcement on the optimization and upgrade of the grab-sale trading floor

Mon Dec 16 01:33:43 CST 2019

Dear NC Member,

In order to comply with the development needs of the global market, the global operation center has determined that starting from December 16, 2019, the system will be optimized and upgraded for the grab-sale trading hall:

1. In order to reduce the time and workload for everyone to check the order, the CT bonus of all members, the system will match the original Hong Kong time 2: 00-3: 00 pm, adjusted to 9: 00-12: 00 am for matching.

2. The time for buying orders is adjusted to 14:00 pm to 24:00 pm Hong Kong time.

3. In order to ensure the fairness of everyone's order grabbing, each account can grab up to two orders.

4. In order to maximize the interests of everyone, the 100% NC full appointment booking was adjusted to 5% SOC + 20% NC margin appointment.

5. Every day, the system releases a certain amount of order booking quotas. Once the quota is full, no more appointments can be made. The number of reserved coins and the level are the same as those of the front desk matching lobby, which means that the number of coins reserved at the front desk is 5,000, and the number of coins reserved at the lobby must also be 5,000.

6. During the period from December 16, 2019 to January 31, 2020, the successful booking hall will receive 500 GPD for successful booking of 500, 5000 GD for successful booking, and 5000 GPD for free.

7. The SOC rewards and CT rewards generated from the booking orders in the trading hall are the same as those in the matching hall.

8. I hope all members will tell each other, thank you for your support and cooperation.


NC Global Operations Center

December 16, 2019