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About the issuance mechanism of the Ninecoin exchange platform token NCB

  • 1. Total number of issues: 10 billion.
  • 2. Initial offer Price�(Pre-sale): $0.001
  • 3. Planned private placement: 8 billion
  • 4. NCB Foundation Fund: 1 billion
  • 5. Referral rewards, asset holding dividends: 1 billion
  • 6. Private placements: 1 March 2019�-�30 April 2019
  • 7. Private Placement Stage: The price will go up 0.000001 U.S. dollars for every 500000 units sold in�the market.
  • 8. Official Opening of�Trading Transactions will commence on May 1st: The price at the end of the private placement on April 30th shall be USD 0.02,�provisional.
  • 9. Official Opening of 56 Trading transactions�is�on May 1st: The price at the end of the private placement on April 30th is tentatively set�at US$0.10
  • 10. The NCB can be used to deduct 50% on�the exchange trading�and 56�trade transaction fees, or it can hold the NCB Coin�to participate in the GPD�dividend program.�
  • 11. The NCB used for deducting handling fees�shall be destroyed in a centralized manner once a month, and the total planned destruction amount is targeted at 6 billion, and the final market circulation 4 billion.
  • 12. Subscription Methods: NC Exchange
  • 13. Deduction of service fees will be�based on the P2P exchange price.
  • 14. We encourage all member to share the message to others, thank you for your support and cooperation.